Simply Connect Lets You Do It All

A powerful Health Information Exchange (HIE) designed specifically for the long-term care industry, Simply Connect makes sharing and obtaining patients' Personal Health Records—along the entire continuum of health care delivery—secure, simple and accessible to all.

  • Communicate electronically to any physician, clinic or hospital in real time.

  • Administer electronic patient admissions and discharges.

  • Secure referrals by ensuring HIE compliance.

  • Save time, resources and money—and do it all with 100% HIPAA compliance.

Experience the Power of True Interoperability.

Share residents' complete health picture online—monitor health records, transitions of care, master medication lists and more.

Send and receive personal health information over our secure Internet connection—no more fax machine, no more paper waste.

Save time and money by scanning and storing documents in the cloud—making them instantly accessible to your network.

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Streamline care and increase referrals by connecting with Simply Connect today.

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