Simply Connect HIE is a true agent of change in the emerging national health information exchange marketplace. Leveraging a Federated HIE model, our proprietary systems accomplish all this:

• Streamlined, real-time, bi-directional communication

• Increased transparency to create accountability and drive engagement

• Reduced costs and improved outcomes

Simply Connect HIE is all about streamlined electronic information-sharing: making it two-way, real-time, secure, and visible to every care team member including:

• Health systems

• Hospitals

• Doctors

• Pharmacists

• Long-term care providers

• Behavioral health workers

• Social service agencies

• Clinics

• Vendors

• Individuals (beneficiaries)

When the unified care team gets vital clinical data quickly and securely, they can collaborate to deliver upstream interventions and more effective, patient-centered care.


Fee-for-service payments are gradually being replaced with a variety of payment options—from performance-based contracting to bundled services, episodic care management, and capitation. Each of these new models requires access to real-time performance data, integration with primary care and payer systems, and technology solutions. Our consulting team offers deep strategic, operational, and policy experience. We’re known for our comprehensive and collaborative approach. We realize that every question we are trying to answer is a little different. And because the scope of every project is also different, we follow a consultative process that is transparent, agile, and focused on results.

Our Team

Craig Patnode
Craig Patnode CEO
Nate Tyler
Nate Tyler Chief Strategy Officer
Abbey Fetzer
Abbey Fetzer SVP Operations

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