Today our partners include accountable care organizations, hospitals, physician groups, home and community based service providers, pharmacies, laboratories, and more.

While each of our partners is unique, we’d like you to see some examples of common outcomes requiring access to real-time performance data, integration with primary care and payer systems, and technology solutions.

  • Cost containment.
  • Access to functional data.
  • Analytics.
  • Risk stratification tools .
  • Care management.
  • Risk stratification.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Upstream intervention and care/service coordination.
  • Engagement.
  • Clinical decision support.
  • Workflow/Practice Management.
  • Care and service Coordination.
  • Improved quality and outcomes.
  • Upstream interventions.
  • Cost containment.
  • Clinical decision support.
  • Workflow.
  • Care Coordination.
  • Improved outcomes and compliance.
  • Improved operational workflow.
  • Engagement

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