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As a physician servicing residents in assisted living communities, having the correct information is critical to good care. All too often the most important documents are not available at the time of the visit. Simply Connect's HIE solves this issue and greatly improves our ability to care for the patient appropriately at crucial times.

Dr. Todd Stivland Bluestone Physician Services CEO

The elegance of our system is that it gives clinicians the time to do what they do best: spend more time with their residents.

Craig Patnode Eldermark Founder & CEO

Simply Connect is using technology that can bring all treating health care providers together to improve the function, health, well-being and end-of-life desires for seniors. This is the art of geriatrics.


Today's security threat landscape evolves rapidly and staying ahead of new vulnerabilities requires diligence. A comprehensive security program that integrates with core business functions will be the key to success.

Bryan McGowan, FRSecure Information Security Experts

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